Cassie is a Freelance Producer in NYC.

Cassie Doyle began her career in New York City as a junior print producer at Gloss Studios, where she discovered her passion for photography and image creation through working with major photographers such as Cass Bird, Mikael Jansson, and Charlotte Wales, among many others.

Next, Cassie moved to POPSUGAR, where she worked as a branded and editorial photo producer. Cassie was at the helm of elevating the POPSUGAR brand and championing inclusivity through her vision and creative/production direction.

After five years of honing her craft, Cassie took on the role of Head of Production at The Canvas Agency, a woman-owned and woman-run company that represents a breadth of artists including photographers, directors, illustrators, and more. At The Canvas Agency, Cassie led all photo and video productions for a variety of clients and talent.

Cassie is currently a freelance photo + motion producer based in NYC. 

Clients Include: Vogue, GQ, Elle, Moncler, Mejuri, Sephora, Uniqlo, Hennessy, Billie, Campbell’s, Fila, Grailed, POPSUGAR, and more.